Unlawful Detainer Fees

All services for unlawful detainer actions will be billed at the rate of $250.00 per hour.  What I bill for is my time spent in conferring with clients, performing legal research, making court appearances, etc.  You should be aware that time I spend talking with you, the tenant or the tenant=s representative is billable time.  While it is difficult to say in advance what the total fee will be for an eviction, my experience has shown the following:

PREPARATION AND SERVICE OF NOTICE(S): Generally, most notices can be prepared and served for $125.00

UNCONTESTED EVICTIONS: Generally, an uncontested eviction will generally require one hour of work plus costs.  

CONTESTED EVICTIONS:   The time necessary to prosecute a contested unlawful detainer action will vary with the efforts asserted by a tenant and/or his or her attorney to delay the eviction.  Generally, but not always, this amounts to two to three (2-3) hours plus court costs.  I will do my best to provide you with an estimate of the attorneys’ fees as the matter proceeds.

COLLECTION ON JUDGMENT: Once a Judgment is obtained I will consult with you to determine the most economical way for you to collect on your Judgment.



Superior Court Filing Fee                                                        $215.00

Process Server (per defendant)                                              $  39.00
**Fee may vary with the number of attempts and
     location of the property

Writ of Possession                                                                 $  15.00

Sheriff=s Fee for eviction                                                       $125.00

Application for Order to Post Summons                                   $  20.00